Glass Windows Price and Types Philippines

Glass windows price philippines – A house without glass windows will not be perfect. House glass windows will brighten the house’s interior space since it lets the natural light into this space in the daylight.

Moreover, most of them provide better air circulation for the house. Currently, glass windows price Philippines varies widely.

The price varies widely because there are many choices of glass types available for windows. In addition, the size and thickness of glass also affect the glass windows price Philippines.

Windows in Philippine houses generally have 3-mm to 5-mm thick glass.

Types of Glass Windows

Clear glass for windows is very common. It is no wonder that some Filipinos want other glass types for their windows to make their homes more eye-catching. Below are 12 different types of glass for windows you can pick for your house windows.

Different Types of Glass Windows image

1.Frosted Glass Windows

Frosted glass is not transparent. Its manufacturers create this glass by conducting sandblasting process on a sheet of glass or etching glass with particular acid. As a result, it has a frosted appearance. 

People cannot see through a frosted glass window. However, this glass doesn’t block natural light completely. This glass is translucent and it can let in natural light. Frosted glass windows are perfect for bathroom windows or spaces that need privacy protection.

2.Stained Glass Windows

Stained glass is colored glass. Thousand years ago, you would not see this glass on residential homes because it was only for churches. Historical church stained glass windows are beautiful art. Only highly talented artists can make them.

Now, it is not only churches that use stained glass windows. Commercial buildings and residential houses also have these windows for decorative purposes. 

You can purchase stained glass window panels online or order them from one of the crafters in the Philippines. Stained glass windows price Philippines can be expensive.

3.Reflective Glass Windows

Reflective glass has a thin layer of metallic oxide or metal on its surface. You can differentiate it from other glass types by looking at its mirror-like qualities. 

Reflective glass windows are best installed on the sunny side of your house. The metallic oxide layer of this glass will reflect the heat outside the house so that the interior is cooler.

Therefore, you can minimize the energy costs for regulating the interior temperatures.

4.Sliding Glass Windows

Sliding glass windows are common in the Philippines. These windows consist of at least two panels. You can open the panels by sliding them side to side or lifting them off. 

Sliding glass windows are available in various sizes. You can choose to have sliding big glass windows if you want to improve the air circulation or natural light in your house.

5.Smart Glass Windows

Smart glass windows are an excellent choice if you want some convenience in regulating the natural light that gets into your house via the windows. These modern windows allow you to switch from clear glass windows to opaque or shaded glass windows easily.

6.Obscured Glass Windows

Glass windows with obscured glass will give you maximum privacy. Obscured glass is fully or partly opaque. It has unique patterns on its surface. Therefore, others cannot see through this glass.

7.Tinted Glass Windows

Tinted glass windows are colored glass windows. However, it is different from stained glass. Tinted glass manufacturers make it by adding colorant during the making process.

The most common tinted glass colors are dark gray, green, blue, and bronze.

Many Filipinos choose dark gray tinted-glass windows because they offer more privacy. However, dark-gray or black glass windows absorb more heat than clear glass windows. Therefore, they have a higher risk to crack.

8.Tempered Glass Windows

Tempered glass is stronger than float glass because it doesn’t break easily. Moreover, if it breaks, the broken pieces are smaller and not sharp. 

Therefore, tempered glass windows are perfect for areas near busy locations. Due to this quality, tempered glass windows price Philippines is slightly expensive.

9.Laminated Glass for Windows

Another strong and safe glass type for windows is laminated glass. This glass has double panes with PVB resin in between the panes. 

Windows with laminated glass do not break easily. In addition, the resin will make the broken pieces stuck on the resin so it is a perfect window glass for houses located in hurricane-prone locations.

10.Insulated Glass Windows

Do you want to have thick glass windows? If you are, you can have insulated glass windows. They have double or triple panes with a space bar between the panes. These windows will block the heat of the sun’s rays so you can easily maintain the temperatures of your interior.

11.Low-E Glass Windows

This type of window can block UV lights. Therefore, your interior color and furniture color will not easily fade if you have low-E glass windows.

In addition, they will keep your home warm in the winter.

12.Frameless Glass Windows

The frameless glass window is the new trend among Filipino homeowners. Frameless glass windows have no frames around their perimeter.

They are quicker and easier to install. Moreover, they are attractive and perfect for modern and contemporary homes.

Glass Windows Price List

The estimated glass window price Philippines in 2022 is as follows.

Glass Window ProductsSize Price 
Glass Jalousie Window₱800
Fixed Glass Window on Metal Frame₱590
Sliding Aluminum Window₱5,500
Sliding Window Analok1.2 x 2.1 m₱2,700
Sliding Window Analok1.8 x 2.1 m₱9,900
Sliding Window Powdercoated1.2 x 1.2 m₱1,900
Sliding Window Powdercoated1.8 x 2.1 m₱9,050
PVC Frosted Privacy Window Self Adhesive Film0.45 x 2 m₱130
Stained Glass Frosted Window Self Adhesive Film 0.5 x 0.9 m₱1,900
Glass French Windows 0.44 x 1m (1.5-inch thick)₱2,900

Glass for windows is available in various types and thicknesses. Some glass types offer more privacy than others.

Moreover, some others are ultra-modern. The ultra-modern glass window price Philippines is, of course, higher than the traditional ones.

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