Latex Paint Price

Latex paint price completely varies as it is available for multiple latex paint uses so you must know what paint qualities you want to get the best size and finish.

Latex paint is very popular. People perhaps have seen this name so much on the paint cans.

How about latex paint price? Is it expensive or affordable? Is it worthy enough for the quality? Is choosing latex paint allow you to get more benefits than its other counterparts?

Aside from the price, latex paint uses becomes another consideration when you want to buy this price. It will be beneficial to equip yourself with a paint latex guide.

By having more information about this paint, it is easier to make the right decision and conduct proper application based on the paint bought.

What is Latex Paint?

For those who still wondering is latex paint water-based? Yes, it is because latex is a term for water-based properties used in paint.

The properties have a binding ability that is similar to natural latex, only they are man-made. Natural latex comes from Brazilian rubber trees that often turn into latex rubber. 

Now, engineers work with those chemical compounds in the labs for different purposes. Although it has a latex paint name, it does not contain latex rubber. Instead, it uses a modified compound that has binding properties such as rubber latex. 

The binding properties in the paint have a milky look before applications. However, after you apply it to the surface, it dries and looks clearer.

What is Latex Paint Used For?

Latex paint is ideal for various painting jobs including interior and exterior parts of the building. When it is dry, it becomes easily washable with soap.

It is also a safer option than oil-based paint as long as you have good ventilation during the application. 

Besides, you need to wear appropriate breathing equipment when applying this paint. It is understandable if latex paint price is various.

It comes with numerous different purposes. For instance, there is latex paint for cement that is suitable for walls, siding, ceilings, and trim.

Latex paint applies to various surfaces too. Hence, you can easily find latex paint on wood, vinyl, drywall, plaster, concrete, bricks, and other materials.

Type of Finish Latex

Latex paint is available in several different finishes to create various looks when the paint dries. You should know the following paint finishes before going to the paint store.

1. Matte

Matte Latex Paint image

Matte finish is also famous for flat latex paint. It can conceal imperfections in the wall as it does not contain a sheen.

It is a popular option for the home because it comes with many smooth color finishes.

The color finishes of flat latex paint look deep and rich and exude a warm and intimate vibe in the room.

2. Eggshell

Eggshell Latex Paint image

The eggshell finish is a combination of matte and a bit of sheen. It can be an alternative if you want to go with a matte finish but do not want to get the smudged look.

It also conceals the flaws on the surface well and has a rich color that looks like a matte finish. However, eggshell finish requires easier cleaning than matter.

3. Gloss and Semi-gloss

Gloss Latex Paint image

Gloss and semi-gloss are extraordinary paint finishes. Gloss latex paint is also popular as a high-gloss finish because it is shinier.

It is an ideal option for trim and doors. Boysen gloss latex paint is an example of a product that belongs to this category.

Meanwhile, semi-gloss latex paint is highly durable and requires super easy cleaning. It works best for bathrooms, kitchens, and utility spaces like laundry rooms.

Other qualities of these finishes are both dent- and scratch-resistant. Most importantly, these finishes are also more eco-friendly compared to oil-based paint. Hence, the latex paint price with these finishes might be slightly higher.

4. Satin

Satin Latex Paint image

The satin finish offers a glossier look compared to the eggshell. Besides, it has a bit sense of iridescent color and a pearl-like accent.

Latex paint with a satin finish is suitable for all rooms in the house. It is quite effective to hide flaws in the wall and make rooms look brighter. Satin paint requires easy cleaning and can remove any marks easily.

Paint Latex Paint Colors

Latex paint is available in multiple colors, from latex paint white to cream color. There are also other neutral shades such as black, gray, and limestone.

They also provide many fascinating options if you want to go with more vivid colors from multiple shades of green, blue, and pink. There are also paste color options if you want to have a subtle look.

Latex Paint Price List

Here is the list of latex paint price in various sizes and finishes. We take an example from the Boysen brand. Boysen flat latex paint price per 1 gallon similar to 4L.




Gloss 16Lla₱2,990
Flat 1L₱140


1. Enamel vs Latex Paint

Paint bases are the main difference between enamel and latex paint. Enamel is available oil-based and latex paint is water-based.

Enamel is suitable for hard surfaces because it dries and hardens slowly. Latex paint is applicable for more types of surfaces.

2. Acrylic Paint vs Latex

The primary difference is acrylic paint is chemical-based while latex paint is water-based although they use similar materials in the making. 

Acrylic latex paint is perfect for smaller areas because it dries very quickly. Latex paint is more suitable for larger spaces because people usually buy it in large quantities.

Latex paint price is one of the primary considerations in how to get latex paint. Hence, you must get more detailed information about it before buying.