Acrylic Sheet Price Philippines

Acrylic sheets price are versatile and widely used in various applications, such as signage, displays, furniture, and construction.

In the Philippines, acrylic sheets are available in different types, including clear, white, colored, light-diffusing, mirrored, solar tinted, non-glare, and textured.

The price of acrylic sheets in the Philippines varies depending on the type, size, and thickness.

On average, clear acrylic sheets range from PHP 350 to PHP 6,500 per square meter, while colored acrylic sheets cost around PHP 900 to PHP 1,500 per square meter.

If you’re looking to purchase acrylic sheets in the Philippines, you can check out local hardware stores or specialized suppliers.

Types of Acrylic Sheet

Known for their scratch-resistance and glossiness, acrylic sheet is available in various types. Acrylic sheet price Philippines varies depending on the characteristics such as flexibility and color.

Each type is suitable for a specific project so it is essential to discover the right one for your design.

1.Clear Acrylic

Clear Arcylic image

Clear acrylic becomes the most common type of acrylic sheet.

It has excellent flexibility and offers multiple dimensions with a wide range of thicknesses from 4 inches to 1/25 inches.

Suitable for most designs, clear acrylic sheet price Philippines is relatively affordable.

2.White Acrylic

White Acrylic image

When your project has unusual dimensions, white acrylic can be a perfect choice. It comes with advanced acrylic technology that makes the sheet looks black at the beginning and turns white with LED exposure.

The price of acrylic sheet is a little higher than the clear one.

3.Colored Acrylic

Colored Acrylic image

Add more colors to your project with colored acrylic sheeting. There are more than twenty different tones to choose from.

Not only is this type attractive visually, but it is also strong and durable. Acrylic sheet price Philippines of this type varies from the distributors.

4.Light Diffusing Acrylic

Light Acrylic image

This type of acrylic sheet involves a light diffusion technique during the production process to create a perfect acrylic sheet for letters and signages.

This material is not only visually attractive but it also allows you to use fewer lighting sources.

5.Mirrored Acrylic

Mirrored Acrylic image

Mirrored acrylic combines strength and durability.

This type of acrylic sheet features a resistant reflective surface that becomes an ideal choice for a high-stress environment.

Available in various colors, the price of acrylic sheet in Philippines varies on the thickness.

6.Solar Tinted Acrylic

Solar Tinted Acrylic image

Solar-tinted acrylic can be a perfect choice for outdoor use. This acrylic sheet boasts maximum protection against harsh UV rays without the need for additional film.

It is a type of carefree sheet that won’t bubble or peel off on the surface

7.Non-Glare Acrylic

Non Glare Acrylic image

If you want to reduce the glare in your display, a non-glare acrylic sheet is a right type to choose.

This material comes with an adorable matte finish that provides protection as well as excellent visuals. Acrylic sheet price Philippines of this type is slightly higher than the basic ones.

8.Textured Acrylic

Textured Acrylic 1 image

Textured acrylic has irresistible beauty. It is ideal for various applications, such as cabinet doors and partitions.

The material provides strength as well as extraordinary light transmission.

Acrylic Sheet Price List Philippines

How much does acrylic sheet cost? If you are looking for an acrylic sheet that meets your budget, take a closer look at the following price list.

Type of Acrylic SheetThickness (mm)Size (feet)Price per Sheet (₱)

Where to Buy Acrylic Sheet

Now that you know the acrylic sheet 4×8 price Philippines, it becomes important to get to know where you can buy an acrylic sheet.

In fact, acrylic sheet price Philippines heavily depends on where you get it as sellers may put different price tags for their products.

SuperFab is one of the commercial websites where you can purchase acrylic sheets of various thicknesses.

Acrylic glass sheet price Philippines on this website is slightly lower than on the brick-and-mortar stores.

You can also navigate to Polylite, a trusted acrylic supplier in the Philippines. It provides you with a wide variety of acrylic at wholesale prices.

Top online marketplaces such as Lazada and Carousell also become a perfect option to get acrylic sheet price Philippines at its best.

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