Best Water Tank Price List

Water tanks come in various types. Here, we explain the 9 types of a water tanks. We also have a list of water tank price Philippines to help you estimate.

Water tanks come in various types. It is important to know the many types of water tanks so you can find the right one that suits your needs.

Below, we explain 9 different types of water tanks. We also have a water tank price Philippines to help you estimate how much you should spend on a water tank.

Type of Water Tank

  • Underground Fiberglass Tanks

As the name suggests, this type of water tank is made of fiberglass, which gives the tank a non-corrosive property. Underground fiberglass tanks are very versatile. Not surprisingly, many commercial industrial use them. These tanks are great for saving space.

  • Carbon Welded Steel Tanks

If you are looking for a water tank that is durable and strong, consider carbon welded steel tanks. These tanks are made of carbon welded steel. Carbon welded steel tanks are also versatile. They can be used for potable water, fire protection, and wastewater, among others.

  • Pillow Tanks

If versatility is your utmost concern, you want to check out pillow tanks. Not only these tanks can hold a good amount of water, but they are also portable. Pillow tanks tend to be less expensive than other water tank types, too.

  • Folding Tanks

Folding tanks are an excellent option if you need portability. They are designed in a way that they can be set up and taken down easily. This makes them great for areas like remote farms where it is difficult to keep water in supply.

  • Bolted Steel Tanks

Not all water tank types can hold a huge amount of water. Bolted steel tanks are the ones that can. They can hold 150,000 gallons of water with ease. Some bolted steel tanks can hold a couple of millions of gallons.

  • Polyethylene Tanks

Polyethylene tanks may not be able to hold as much water as other types do. However, they make an ideal choice if you are on a budget. While they come in smaller sizes, they do their job well. Plus, due to their smaller sizes, they can be moved easily.

  • Corrugated Steel Tank

These tanks are built to last. Not only that, but they also come in just about any size. Smaller ones can hold a few hundred gallons of water, while larger ones can hold a couple million.

  • Above Ground Fiberglass Storage Tanks

If you are looking for a water tank that has just enough capacity, the above ground fiberglass storage tanks will serve you well. These tanks are used for storing potable, rainwater, and waste.

  • Stainless Steel Water Storage Tanks

Stainless steel water storage tanks are among the most versatile types.

They can store not just water but also other liquids. It comes as no surprise if these tanks are used in breweries, winemaking, chocolate, and even dairy industries.

Water Tank Price List

If you want to know the water tank price Philippines, check out our water tank price list below.

Brand and modelPrice
Bestank WT 660 PE Water Storage Tank₱12,500.00
Bestank WT 1000 PE Water Storage Tank₱16,500.00
Bestank IWT-1500 PE Water Storage Tank B₱23,500.00
Bestank WT 2000 PE Water Storage Tank₱32,000.00
Firstank FRP-2000L Vertical₱38,350.00
Firstank FTR-1000L Vertical₱16,675.00
Firstank FTR-1200L Vertical₱22,575.00
Firstank FTR-2000L Vertical₱31,550.00

Notice the price variations. The 1000 liter Bestank water tank price Philippines is ₱16,500.00, while the larger 1500 liter variant price is ₱23,500.00.

Likewise, the stainless water tank price Philippines Firstank FTR-1000L Vertical price is ₱16,675.00, while the Firstank FTR-1200L Vertical price is ₱22,575.00.

If you are planning to buy a water tank, knowing the types will be very helpful. By knowing them, finding the right water tank that suits your needs will be much easier. As for water tank price Philippines, it ranges from X to Y.