CR Door Price and Types Philippines

Choosing a bathroom door is something that you must do with many considerations.

The bathroom is humid and wet. Therefore, condensation often occurs on its door. Moreover, prolonged condensation can damage this door. Thankfully, the CR door price is relatively affordable.

As a result, you can replace your old bathroom doors without spending too much money.

CR bathroom doors are different from traditional doors. They have particular qualities that make them perfect bathroom doors.

What is CR Door

CR doors are condensation resistance doors. These doors can resist the formation of condensation on their surfaces.

Therefore, CR doors are perfect for bathroom doors because they can resist the moisture formed by the condensation in this space. 

In addition, CR doors are also perfect for exterior doors. You will not need to worry about morning dew damaging your doors if you have CR exterior doors. 

CR bathroom doors are generally available in a ready-to-install form. If you want to replace your old bathroom doors with new CR doors, you must ensure that you make the best purchase of these doors.

Below are tips for shopping for CR bathroom doors.

  • Choose the Best CR Door Design – CR doors are available in various designs. Some doors have modern designs and others have classic designs. A modern CR door design generally has minimalist look. Meanwhile, the classic ones look beautiful due to their intricate ornaments.
  • Consider the CR Door Quality – Having high-quality CR doors can save you lots of hassle and money. Therefore, you must only buy high-quality ones. When purchasing these doors, you must not forget to check the quality of the CR door lock too.
  • Make Sure that You Get the Right Size – Most manufacturers sell CR bathroom doors in several standard sizes. However, they may not fit your bathroom if you have larger or smaller doors. Fortunately, some manufacturers are willing to make custom CR doors for their clients.
  • Consider the CR Door Price – Some CR door manufacturers sell their products at an expensive price. To avoid it, you must compare the CR bathroom door price before purchasing it. In addition, be sure that the price is worth the quality of the products

Types of CR Door

You can find several types of CR doors in the Philippines. Below are some of them.

1.Aluminum Door for CR

Alumunium Door for CR image

The CR aluminum bathroom door is a great option if you look for durable bathroom doors.

The toilet aluminum door for CR offers several advantages, such as being resistant to rod and rust, easy to maintain, and lightweight. 

In addition, aluminum doors come in various designs that can make your bathroom look more attractive.

A brown aluminum door for CR is a perfect choice if you want an elegant door. In addition, you can also choose the ones with frosted glass.

2.Stainless Door for CR

Stainless Door for CR image

The CR stainless door makes an excellent bathroom door. Similar to the aluminum door, the stainless door is non-corrosive.

However, it is stronger and more durable than the aluminum door. Therefore, the stainless CR door price is higher than the aluminum door price.

3.CR Glass Door

CR Glass Door image

CR glass doors are a perfect shower door and bathroom door. The former is typically in the form of a sliding door.

Meanwhile, the latter can be sliding doors and swinging doors. In addition, they usually have frosted glass.

Having a glass shower door will make your bathroom looks more spacious. On the other hand, glass bathroom doors with decorative glass make the bathroom look attractive.

4.PVC Plastic Door for CR

PVC Plastic Door Glass for Door image

CR PVC bathroom doors are popular among Filipinos. These doors are lightweight, affordable, and easy to maintain.

Moreover, they can withstand moisture well. 

PVC bathroom doors are also available in various designs. Some of them look like wood doors. Others are combined with beautiful frosted glass.

Therefore, PVC bathroom doors allow you to have beautiful bathroom doors at a more affordable price.

5.Sliding Door for CR

PVC Plastic Door Glass for Door 2 image

CR sliding bathroom doors are available in various materials. You can have them in PVC, aluminum, glass, and wood. Sliding bathroom doors are best for smaller bathrooms.

Standard CR Door Size

The CR doors for bathrooms are available in several sizes. Below is the CR door dimension list.

  • 60 x 210 cm
  • 70 x 210 cm
  • 80 x 210 cm

If you happen to have smaller dimensions of bathroom doors, you can contact the CR door sellers.

Some of them also sell doors in the dimensions of 60 x 190/180 cm, 70 x 190/180 cm, and 80 x 190/180 cm.

CR Door Price Philippines

Several factors affect the CR door price. Some of these factors are type and size. Below are the estimated prices of CR doors in the Philippines.

CR Door ProductsSize Price
PVC Door (door only, without jamb and other hardware)60 x 210 cm₱1,190
70 x 210 cm₱1,250
80 x 210 cm₱1,410
PVC Door (with jamb and other hardware)60 x 210 cm₱1,400
70 x 210 cm₱1,650
80 x 210 cm₱1,850
PVC Door with Glass (door only, without jamb and other hardware)60 x 210 cm₱1,400
70 x 210 cm₱1,550
80 x 210 cm₱1,750
PVC Door with Glass (with jamb and other hardware)60 x 210 cm₱1,750
70 x 210 cm₱1,850
80 x 210 cm₱2,050
KRUZO Aluminum Bathroom Door Set70 x 210 cm₱2,900
Hummingbird Aluminum Bathroom Door Set60 x 210 cm₱3,500

CR doors are perfect doors for bathrooms because they can resist condensation. They are available in several types, such as PVC doors and aluminum doors.

The PVC CR door price is more affordable than the aluminum doors. The latter is more expensive because it is more durable. 

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