Gmelina Wood Price

Gmelina wood price that is inexpensive in the market will not sacrifice Gmelina wood quality because this wood is adequately durable, versatile, unique, and lightweight.

Gmelina wood price seems to be more affordable than other prices of furniture makers. Gmelina lumber is a primary material in paper production.

Its fast-growing nature and high availability are several reasons why the price of Gmelina lumber in the market is satisfying.

Gmelina lumber is also very famous for its various purposes among people staying in tropical regions.

However, some people still come up with the query is Gmelina wood good for furniture? To help you know more about this lumber, go through the following brief yet beneficial information.

What Is Gmelina Wood?

This wood derives from the Gmelina tree and has the Latin name Gmelina arborea.

Coming from the family of Lamiaceae, this tree is fast to grow, especially in tropical zones.

Locals may know it in a variety of different names. The quick-growing nature of the tree requires fertile soil with high moisture to grow.

Gmelina lumber appears in various colors from yellowish to brown based on age and other factors.

It is weighty and sturdy so people use it for many purposes like Gmelina wood furniture, constructions, and numerous types of instruments and equipment.

This wood belongs to the mid-level in terms of durability category because it is somewhat termite resistant even though it is not the best option.

With those qualities, is Gmelina wood good for dining table? This lumber has both stability and strength which is required to create a good quality dining table.

It also presents an attractive look since this lumber has a unique design and pattern. However, it is better to make the Gmelina dining table in a smaller size as it not only stays for years but also increases its strength.

Gmelina Wood Pros and Cons

Aside from Gmelina wood price, considering the good and bad points of this lumber is essential. It helps you to define if this wooden material meets your needs.


  • Gmelina lumber offers high availability as the tree grows in all seasons and belongs to a type of tree that can grow fast. Hence, no need to worry about the primary resources.
  • This wood has high durability and still comes out flawless minimally within ten years. It can be a good option for people who struggle due to furniture change within a few years.
  • It is a versatile type of wood and offers excellent Gmelina wood quality. No wonder it is available for different applications such as windows, doors, cabinets, and many more.
  • Gmelina lumber comes in various shades and colors that allow people to make more comprehensive and appealing furniture. From single lumber, they can make furniture in yellowish, pinkish, cream, and brown colors.
  • This wood texture can hold paint and glue well here and there allowing for low maintenance and fewer refinishes.


After knowing the good sides, you should know about Gmelina’s weaknesses such as follows:

  • Gmelina wood is not highly durable like other types of wood available in the market.
  • Although it can withstand termite attack, it has somewhat less strength rather than several types of wood.

Gmelina Wood Price List

Gmelina Wood Price

This lumber price might be different from one market to another. To give you a point of view, here is the list of Gmelina wood price Philippines.

The price varies from one species to another so the following table.


Price (₱)


The price for Gmelina wood came from the forestry department in the Philippines in the first quarter of 2016.

A combination of the R letter and number shows the species of Gmelina. Now, after several years we can expect the price for all species of Gmelina to rise.

Gmelina Wood vs Mahogany

Mahogany belongs to the sturdiest and most long-lasting wood. Hence, any furniture from this wood remains good after decades even if it receives outdoor exposure.

The average lifespan of Mahogany furniture is around 50 years as long as it undergoes appropriate maintenance.

Mahogany can resist water making it one of the best materials for decks and outdoor stuff.

However, Gmelina is slightly less sturdy than mahogany. In terms of durability, this wood withstands various weather conditions. 

It produces less shrinking or wrapping too. Gmelina furniture is also more vulnerable to termite attacks that affect Gmelina wood price. Besides being very lightweight, Gmelina offers a softer surface.

It is also more versatile so you can turn this wood into multiple types of stuff from home furniture to musical instruments.

It is sustainable and highly available which makes Gmelina wood price relatively affordable.

Gmelina Wood vs Palochia

Neither Gmelina nor Palochina derives from hardwood so it can be less durable rather than hardwood furniture.

Gmelina derives from the tree and Palochina is wood that was previously used in shipping crates.

People reuse the wood material from crates and make it into furniture like cabinets and tables.

Although is not highly durable, you can still make strong enough furniture with proper design.

It is because Palochina has undergone a kiln drying process before being made into crates. 

Besides, this wood has a rigid surface and does not fade easily. Belongs to soft wood, it is easy to cut Palochina using a standard saw.

Gmelina wood price is cost-effective so does Palochina. If Gmelina is affordable due to its high availability and fast growth, Palochina is inexpensive because it is recycled material.

Gmelina and Palochina are excellent options for eco-friendly furniture due to sustainability and recycling.