Gypsum Board Price List and Sizes Philippines

The consideration to use gypsum is not only gypsum board price. There are a lot of types other than regular gypsum board that you can choose for the buildings.

Buildings need panel products to improve the look and function, and to minimize the risk of disaster.

Gypsum board becomes a good solution because it has a lot of benefits, yet the gypsum board price is very affordable on the market.

Here are the types, gypsum board price in philippines  and some advantages of it.

What is Gypsum Board?

A Gypsum board sometimes is known as drywall or plasterboard. It’s very popular because of the benefit it gives to the building.

What is gypsum board made of? It’s from gypsum and 20% of water. Gypsum board is also versatile for the rooms in a lot of kinds of buildings from commercial to industrial.

Uses of Gypsum Board

  • Interior of entertainment building

Gypsum will absorb the noise, so the building doesn’t need more noise-canceling. It can be the wall or the ceiling. For most entertainment buildings such as karaoke and mall, gypsum is the main material of the wall.

  • Factories building

Factories need a material that is fire resistant since it’s easy to have fire uncontrollably. Gypsum board will help to reduce the risk.

The interior of factories usually uses a gypsum board ceiling and wall to prevent loss from the disaster.

Type of Gypsum Board

  • Regular Gypsum Board

The regular one has white color, fire resistant and it’s easy to find on the market. This is very common and the most affordable one. The size is usually 4×8 feet with a 1-inch thickness.

  • Moisture Resistant Gypsum Board

On the market, the other name for this board is the green board. The green part will protect the gypsum from moisture. However, this gypsum board isn’t water resistant and will gradually erode.

  • Plaster Baseboard

For veneer plastering purposes, plaster baseboard is common to use. It has absorption ability as well. The bathroom and kitchen area usually uses this to reduce bacteria growth.

  • Paperless Gypsum Board

The paperless gypsum means it uses more fiberglass because it increases durability and is mold resistant. The texture is quite inherent and smoothening out will help to get a flatter surface.

  • Improved moisture-resistant Gypsum Board

The IMR gypsum is purple. The resistance of this gypsum is very superior. The best usage is for walls and ceilings in the bathrooms or kitchens where it gets in contact with water.

  • Type X Gypsum Board

Type X is fire resistant that is best for building that needs big protection such as factories and industries. It’s durable and strong that is hard to cut and form into shape. It can be sound-proofing material as well.

  • Sound-proof Gypsum Board

The sound-proof board will absorb the noise in the room. It has layers from fibers, woods, gypsums, and polymers, It’s dense and hard to cut. A lot of karaoke places and entertainment rooms use this gypsum for the wall.

Gypsum Board Price List

Gypsum Board SizesPrice
Regular gypsum board 9 mm₱ 598.00
Regular gypsum board 12 mm₱ 650.00
Moisture resistant ceiling board₱ 530.00
Fiber cement ceiling board₱ 430.00
Gypsum board ceiling₱ 413.00

Advantages of Gypsum Board

  • Sound isolation

The best part of gypsum board is it’s a sound isolation material. Whether it’s for ceiling or drywall, it helps to absorb the noise.

This is the reason why gypsum is the main material for a lot of entertainment buildings.

  • Easy to install

As long as the gypsum will attach to the drywall, the process is fast and easy.

During the process, the gypsum itself is easy to cut with tools such as a saw or knife. It’s lightweight as well to attach, so it won’t burden the builder.

  • Fire resistant

Gypsum board Philippines is tested and proven as a fire-resistant material. There is about 21% of water in gypsum that can compress the heat from the fire.

It’s common to use gypsum for interior and exterior, though the resistance isn’t more than 100 degrees Celcius.

Since it has a lot of benefits for the building, the gypsum board price that is affordable to buy becomes a good solution for the interior and exterior.

Installation is easy and quick, so there’s no reason to avoid using a gypsum board for the building.