Mahogany Tree Price

Have you ever wondered how much a mahogany tree price in the Philippines?

Mahogany is a beautiful and durable wood that has many uses, from furniture to musical instruments.

Not only is it a popular choice among woodworkers, but it also has many benefits for the environment.

But what is the price of a mahogany tree, and where can you find them in the Philippines?

In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of mahogany trees and give you an idea of how much you can expect to pay for this sought-after wood in the

Philippines. We’ll also guide you on where to find these magnificent trees so you can make an informed decision when purchasing.

Why Is Mahogany So Valuable?

Mahogany is usually used in architecture and furniture pieces that are super expensive.

Many people equate mahogany with high-end production and luxury.

When you’re looking for something made of mahogany, you may figure out that mahogany tree price is very high. What’s the reason?

  1. It has a rare color

You sure can paint the wood later, but the natural color of the wood is everything. The price of mahogany tree can be very high because it has unique colors that no other trees had. In a woodworking world, the tree’s color matters.

If the color is too common, the tree’s value will be lower. If you want something special, then you need to be ready for the high mahogany wood price.

  1. Resistance to water and insect

Another reason behind the high mahogany tree price is the unique ability and quality of the wood.

Mahogany is naturally water and insect-resistant. This means that mahogany wood stands up or repels insects. Unlike other woods, mahogany will not absorb water. Instead, it repels water.

  1. Awesome thickness

The ranges of mahogany wood price Philippines vary, but they’re higher than other woods because mahogany is thicker.

When you buy mahogany wood, you need to pay the mahogany tree price Philippines by the weight of the wood instead of the length.

How Strong Is Mahogany?

Genuine mahogany woods are hardwood and the most excellent option for any woodworking project.

The Janka score of mahogany wood is between 800 and 900 lbf. In comparison, red cedar’s Janka score is just 350 lbf. No wonder the mahogany tree price is higher than other woods.

Mahogany Tree Benefits

Despite the high price of mahogany tree in the Philippines, the tree has so many benefits for the environment. The trees have elegant fragrances and features.

The average height of these trees is between 60 and 80 feet. What are the benefits hiding behind the high price of mahogany wood in the Philippines?

  1. High durability

‘How much is mahogany tree in Philippine’ and ‘What are the benefits of the mahogany tree’ are the most famous questions about the tree.

Mahogany trees have excellent durability which means these trees are long-lasting when you use them to create furniture pieces.

  1. High versatility

Another benefit that is hiding behind the high mahogany tree price is the high versatility of the tree.

Mahogany trees are expensive because you can use them in various applications. Professionals like toymakers, woodworkers, DIYers, and carpenters love to work using mahogany wood.

How Much Is Mahogany Wood in The Philippines

Interested in getting mahogany trees no matter how high the mahogany tree selling price Philippines is?

Then you need to check some details below, about the latest price list of mahogany trees in the country. Next, you’ll be able to decide whether you’ll use mahogany wood or not.

15,497 sqm agricultural farm with majestic mahogany trees₱2,903 per square meter
3 to 4 feet high mahogany plant in a polybag₱35 per plant
5 to 6 feet high mahogany plant in a polybag₱50 per plant
20 years old big mahogany tree for sale₱20,000
1 pack of 10 mahogany seeds ₱50
1,3 hectares agricultural farm with many mahogany trees₱35,000,000

Where To Find Mahogany Trees in The Philippines?

Even though mahogany trees are not originated from the Philippines, you can find mahogany farms in some cities.

One of the mahogany farms can be found in the uplands of Negros Island, specifically in the Kabankalan City’s rural area.

Many farms have amazing mahogany trees that have been planted in the 1990s.

Those mahogany trees will be gorgeous furniture pieces that will last even longer.

Just make sure that you buy quality trees with reasonable mahogany tree price to build quality furniture pieces.

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