MDF Board Price and Types Philippines

Medium density fiberboard (MDF boards) is an excellent alternative for plywood.

The former is easy to get in the Philippines. Moreover, the MDF board supplier Philippines offers them in varied sizes and types. In addition, the MDF board price Philippines is more affordable.

The low price of the MDF board is one of the reasons why crafters choose this board over plywood. This board also provides them with some advantages.

However, before you use the MDF board, you must understand its disadvantages. Therefore, you can anticipate them in the future.

MDF Board Meaning

What is MDF board? The MDF board means an engineered wood board. MDF board manufacturers make this board by mixing wood fiber, wax, and a resin binder.

After that, they apply high temperature and pressure to shape this mix into dense panels.

This board has a smooth even surface. Moreover, it does not have wood grain even though it is partially made of wood. The physical properties of MDF boards are as follows.

  • Composition : The composition of MDF boards is 82% wood fiber, 9% resin binder or glue, 1% paraffin wax, and 8% water.
  • What is MDF wood fiber made of? The wood fiber used in making MDF boards can be hardwood fiber or softwood fiber.
  • Density : Generally, the density of each MDF board varies from 600 to 800 kg/m3. High-quality MDF boards are generally denser than plywood. Moreover, MDF boards are stronger and denser than particle boards.
  • Grade : Based on the density, MDF board manufacturers label their products as high-, standard-, and light-density MDF boards. The density of high-density MDF boards is between 600 and 1,450 kg/m3. This MDF board price Philippines is, of course, more expensive.

Uses of MDF Board

MDF boards are ideal for choices of applications.

  • Furniture : You can use MDF boards for creating kitchen cabinets, shelves, tables, sideboards, and cupboards. 
  • Flooring : MDF boards are great for flooring. You must do several steps in installing them. Some of them are screwing the boards, covering the screws with a filler, and applying coatings. This flooring installation may take more labor, but the result is beautiful.
  • Doors : MDF boards make excellent interior doors. Many MDF doors look as beautiful and elegant as wood doors. Therefore, having MDF doors will not make your interior less attractive.
  • Skirting and Wainscoting Panels : Installing MDF skirting and wainscoting panels can create a big difference in your interior. They are available in minimalist and classic designs. Therefore, you will have no problem finding the right design for your interior.

Types of MDF Board

MDF boards come in several types. Some of them are:

1.MDF Melamine Board

MDF Melamine Board image

MDF Melamine Board Image

This MDF board type has a melamine outer layer with a glossy finish. Some have patterns on them, but others are plain, such as the white MDF board. Therefore, they look more attractive than raw MDF. 

2. MDF Laminated Wood

MDF Laminated Wood image

MDF Laminated Wood Image

Laminated wood MDF boards has a laminate layer with wood patterns on their sides. Therefore, laminated MDF boards look like wood boards. 

3. Colored MDF Boards

Colored MDF Boards image
Colored MDF Board Image

Generally, MDF boards are brown. However, you can also find colored MDF boards. They are available in many colors, such as green, red, blue, and yellow.

4. Fire-Rated MDF Boards

Fire Rated MDF Board image

Fire Rated MDF Board Image

Some manufacturers offer fire-rated MDF boards. They have better resistance to heat and fire. Therefore, these boards will slow down the flame spread when a fire occurs.

MDF Board Price List

The MDF board price Philippines varies depending on the size, type, and thickness. Below is the MDF board price list.

MDF Board ProductsMDF Board SizesThickness Price
Solid MDF Board1 x 4 ft6 mm₱235
Solid MDF Board1 x 3 ft6 mm₱195
Solid MDF Board1 x 2 ft6 mm₱155
Solid MDF Board1 x 1 ft6 mm₱80
Solid MDF Board4 x 16 ft6 mm₱325
Solid MDF Board4 x 16 ft9 mm₱385
Solid MDF Board1.2 x 2.4 m15 mm₱855
Laminated MDF Board 0.2 x 1.2 m8 mm₱550
MDF Wall Skirting0.06 x 2,4 m15 mm₱950

Advantage MDF Board

People choose to use MDF boards because they offer many advantages.

  • Affordable: The MDF board price Philippines is lower than plywood and wood boards. Therefore, it is cost-effective to use them in making doors, furniture, and skirting.
  • Environment Friendly: Many manufacturers get MDF wood fiber from the byproduct of another industry. Therefore, they don’t need to cut down trees to make MDF boards.
  • Smooth and Even Surface: Unlike wood boards, MDF boards have a smooth and even surface. Therefore, they offer a better finish for the end products.
  • Solid and Dense: MDF boards are solid and dense. They make excellent material for kitchen cabinets and furniture.
  • Easy to Work With: MDF boards are easy to cut. Moreover, crafters can easily drill them without damaging them. Therefore, crafters can easily and quickly create their MDF products.

MDF Board Disadvantage

However, MDF boards have some drawbacks. 

  • Weaker than Wood Boards: MDF boards are weaker than wood boards. Therefore, users must understand that MDF products will not last as long as wood products. Reports said that high-quality MDF products can last for more than 5 years.
  • Non-Resistant to Moisture: MDF boards can absorb water and moisture quicker than wood boards. Therefore, you must only use MDF products in dry indoor areas.
  • Crack and Split: Stress can crack and split MDF boards. Consequently, you must not place a heavy load on MDF furniture and other MDF products.


Why is MDF Good?

The MDF board is good because they are solid, dense, and eco-friendly. 

Is MDF Durable?

No, it is not. MDF boards are less durable compared to wood boards

Is MDF Cheap?

Yes, it is.

The MDF board price Philippines ranges from ₱80 to almost ₱1000. The more affordable ones are smaller and thinner.

Meanwhile, the more expensive ones are thicker and larger. If you want to buy thicker MDF boards at a more affordable price, you must buy them in bulk.

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