Polycarbonate Roof Price Philippines

Polycarbonate roof price is high because of its quality reason. Starting as an alternative material, now it is the most popular roof. Check why you should use it here.

Nowadays, people tend to choose polycarbonate roofs over other roofing materials.

The thermoplastic material is durable and light, so it becomes an alternative for housing.

Although polycarbonate roof price is quite expensive, homeowners think it’s part of long-term investment.

This material has been popular for more than five decades already since it was first founded. The glass look of polycarbonate is very aesthetic for the roof.

This idea is spreading globally and becomes the best alternative option for modern buildings. Here is more information about polycarbonate roofs.

What is a Polycarbonate Roof?

A polycarbonate roof is a roof that is made from polycarbonate or thermoplastic material. This plastic is very popular in construction because it is lightweight.

The versatility becomes the most essential thing of this material. Polycarbonate roofing becomes a solution for safe housing.

This roof has been popular since the 1970s. It replaces the form of traditional roofing that lasts only less than 2 decades.

Polycarbonate roof price is quite fairly expensive because it promises high quality even after two decades installed as a roof for buildings.

Why is Polycarbonate Used for Roofing?

1. Alternative Material

Some people love glass material because it gives a more aesthetic roof for terrace polycarbonate roof design. However, glass material is very sensitive. It’s hard to transfer from one place to another because it’s fragile. So, polycarbonate becomes the best alternative to replace glass.

Polycarbonate has a high density and it is not as fragile as glass. It stands by the huge forces they get.

For the same reason, transporting a polycarbonate roof is easier. This is why polycarbonates are good for roofing.

2. Cost-Effective

Polycarbonate is very cost-effective. The size of surface is larger compared to the traditional roof. When you apply one roof, it covers more squares.

It gives the workers fewer tasks, so the roofing process is faster than normal. So this reason covers the polycarbonate roof price.

3. Easy to Install

Another reason than polycarbonate roof price Philippines why polycarbonate roofing is simple is that it is very light in weight.

The builders will easily transfer the polycarbonate roof sheet and then install it on the roof place. It is not time-consuming because it is a very strong material.

Are Polycarbonate Roofs Good?

1. Heat Resistance

The first reason why polycarbonate roof is good is heat resistance. When the weather or climate hits a high temperature, there is no side effect since polycarbonate roof color stands durable.

It stands in a harsh environment for more than two decades even after the high temperature.

The gap between high and low temperatures will not damage the polycarbonate roof.

It’s very consistent from time to time because the material is reinforced plastic. With this capability, polycarbonates become the best material for roofs.

2. Versatile Usage

Polycarbonate roofs aren’t only for housing purposes. This roof can be used for balcony polycarbonate roof.

For example, greenhouses in the agriculture industry use this roof because it works well to replace glass.

They can keep the heat and polycarbonate roof price for greenhouses element is cheap.

3. Effective Maintenance

The maintenance of the polycarbonate roof is very easy. If there is dirt, you can wipe it using a wet cloth.

It doesn’t require any chemical material to remove dust or anything. The stain on the roof is easy to clean. It is similar to cleaning the glass material.

How Strong is Polycarbonate?

1. Durability

Although the weather changes drastically, the polycarbonate roof is still strong. The roof can stand up to fifty years if you are diligently maintaining it.

It has become the most modern polycarbonate roof design now.

2. Heat

The roof can stand in a high gap from the heat. The polycarbonate is strong for weather below 0 and up to 50 degree Celsius. The cold and heat will not break the quality of polycarbonate.

Polycarbonate Roof Sizes

1. Thickness


4 mm
6 mm
8 mm
10 mm

2. Dimensions

Dimension option

4×8 inches
4×10 inches
4×12 inches
4×16 inches
4×20 inches

Polycarbonate Roof Price List

Polycarbonate Roof Brand

Price (PHP)

Acewell solid sheet11,000 – 45,000
Acewell solid sheet (foot)392 – 1,175
Acewell twin wall1,240 – 10,000
Corrugated Polylite1,250
Duraln embossed845
Makrolite solid9,900 – 19,800
Makrolite twin wall400
Rib type1,250

Advantage of Polycarbonate

1. Unbreakable

Polycarbonate material withstands huge forces. Polycarbonate roof sheet is unbreakable, so a lot of construction, even roofing, uses this material as a shield.

2. UV Blockage

UV is dangerous for health, and polycarbonate will shield the UV.

The panels from polycarbonate are effective to block it. Commercial buildings consider this material more than others.

3. Lightweight

Polycarbonate material is very light in weight. The installation is easy and the distribution of it will not be an issue. It’s available everywhere in the market.

4. Seasons Resistant

In either tropical or subtropical areas, polycarbonate roofing works well. The resistance toward the seasons is very high.

The issues such as discoloring, deforming, and fading will not occur in polycarbonate material.

Disadvantage of Polycarbonate

1. Expensive

The biggest disadvantage of polycarbonate is expensive. It’s because the quality of this material is resistant to the forces and season changes. The material is perfect if you need the super tough panel.

2. Non-scratch Resistant

Scratches are common to happen in roofing, and polycarbonate material is not an exception.

This material requires maintenance once in a while to prevent this disadvantage. If you ignore this, the scratch is getting bigger and creating holes. 

Polycarbonate roof price is high, but it is understandable because of its premium quality.

You only spend a lot of money in the first place to save more in the next decades.

It is not an alternative material anymore since more homeowners choose this roof for their houses.