Smoke Detector Price Philippines

Are you curious about the smoke detector price Philippines? Smoke detectors are essential devices that can save lives in case of a fire emergency.

However, the cost of these devices can vary depending on their type and features.

In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive smoke detector price list in the Philippines. But before that, let’s take a quick look at the different types of smoke detectors available in the market.

Types of Smoke Detectors

The most famous smoke detectors are ionization and photoelectric.

You need to know more about both detectors and the latest update on the smoke detector price Philippines.

This way, you’ll know which smoke detector will be the best for your building. Below are details about smoke detector types.

1.Photoelectric smoke detector

This smoke detector has a source of ultraviolet light, visible light, or infrared. It also has a photoelectric receiver and lens.

Some types of photoelectric smoke detectors have a light that is emitted by the light source and passes through the air that is being tested. And then the light will reach the photosensor.

The device will then receive the light with reduced intensity because it was scattering from smoke particles, air-borne dust, and some other substances.

The circuitry will detect the intensity of the light before generating an alarm. This kind of detector has another term: the optical smoke detector.

2.Ionization smoke detector

The next thing you need to know before checking the latest smoke detector price Philippines is the ionization detector that is using a radioisotope.

It is going to ionize the air. If smoke particles are entering the open room, some ions are going to attach to those particles.

Those ions won’t be available to carry the chamber’s current.

The electronic circuit will know that there is a difference in the current between the sealed and open chambers. And then the circuit is going to sound the alarm.

3.Smoke detector conventional

The conventional smoke detector will be hard-wired to the main panel of a fire alarm.

Conventional multi-sensor, heat, and smoke detectors are forming a fire alarm system’s essential part. When the detector is triggered, it will signal the main panel.

And then it is going to activate the other components that are connected and also warns homeowners of emergency situations.

4.Hybrid smoke detector

Another type you need to know before checking the latest smoke detector price Philippines is hybrid smoke detectors.

This is a smoke detector that has a combination between ionization and photoelectric sensors. Both sensors will detect the smoke so that they can sound the alarm.

If one of them detects smoke while another one doesn’t detect smoke, then the detector won’t sound the alarm.

This is totally dangerous, especially when the whole family is fast asleep and there’s a fire at night. The family will not get the chance to save their life, at all.

From the details above, it is much better to use the first or the second smoke detectors instead of the hybrid ones.

A hybrid smoke detector should never be an option since it will put your loved ones in danger.

Smoke Detector Price List

Now, that you know everything about the types of smoke detectors, it is time to learn about the latest smoke detector price Philippines.

Below are different prices you may have to know before placing an order or purchasing a smoke detector for your house.

Smoke Detector BrandSmoke Detector Price
Apollo Optical Smoke Detector₱5,106
FireHawk Safety Products Smoke Detector₱722
ABUS PC Heat Detector₱2,021
ABUS PC Optical Smoke Detector₱2,869
FireHawk Safety Products Heat Detector₱2,007
Jo-El Electrical Ionization Smoke Detector₱2,216
Hoyles Cigarette Smoke Detector₱16,482
Eaton Heat Detector₱1,320
Deltaco Smoke Detector₱2,009
ABB Smoke Detector₱9,091
Eaton Plastic Optical Smoke Detector₱1,171
First Alert Smoke Detector₱875
First Alert Slim Photoelectric Smoke Detector₱2,833
First Alert Onelink Smoke Detector₱7,908

Knowing how much does a smoke detector cost will help you choose the right product that matches the budget you have prepared.

Make sure that you check the latest smoke detector price Philippines in your town. But you can use the list above as the latest reference.

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