Roofing Sheet Price

Curious about the cost of roofing sheets in the Philippines? Look no further! Roofing sheets are essential components for protecting and enhancing your roof’s durability and aesthetics.

When it comes to their price in the Philippines, it can vary depending on factors such as the type, material, and size.

On average, you can find roofing sheets starting from around ₱80 per square meter. In this article, we will explore the different types of roofing sheets available, provide a comprehensive price guide, and discuss various aspects such as lifespan, thickness, and pros and cons.

Discover the perfect roofing sheet to safeguard and beautify your home within your budget.

Types of Roofing Sheets

1. Polycarbonate

This is the roofing that many people choose because it has many roofing sheets width, grade, and thickness.

This material is lighter than metal, but it is strong enough. It can block UV as well but still allow sunlight to enter the building. This roofing sheets price is affordable and competitive.

2. Fiber

This is the option that is popular nowadays in the Philippines. It has many styles and colors.

Thus, you can adjust its opacity levels. It has corrosion resistance, and the maintenance cost is very low. However, this roofing sheets price in the market is high.

3. Aluminum

Many houses in the Philippines use this roofing sheet material because it is the cheapest.

It is also long-lasting with very low maintenance. The roofing sheet price for this type will depend on the size. If you want light material, this sheet is the best.

4. Polyvinyl

This material may be more famous as UPVC in the market. It is not flexible, but the strength level is very high.

You can rely on this material for low-maintenance roofing options. It has extreme weather resistance and is strong enough to fight corrosion.

5. Asbestos

This is the option for many construction projects choose. It is the most rigid among all roofing types.

Plus, the sizes are big in the market. It is very hard to break and cut, so you only can put them on the roof as it is. It is very reliable, but also noisy when the rain falls.

6. Bitumen

Bitumen is one material that you can rely on to create strong roofing on the building.

Though the roofing sheets price of bitumen is expensive, this material can last up to 50 years. It has a waterproof film which makes it more durable.

7. Plastic

Plastic roofing sheets are pretty affordable, and it is very low cost.

The price in the market is very cheap, and you can use this for general roofing. Sometimes, it appears as transparent roofing so it can pass the light.

Roofing Sheets Price Philippines

The roofing sheets price Philippines varies according to the types, colors, and also the roofing sheets sizes.

Check out the list here:

Roofing Sheets TypesPrice (₱)
GI Sheets 3x4FT Corrugated Yero149-370
Polyshade Polyarbonate 4x6FT2,429-2,643
Clear Acrylic 2mm thickness100
Fiberglass 1x2FT80
Metal roofing 4x4FT466
Pre-painted flashing 4x4FT323
Shera 4x8FT585
Kalsi 4x8FT605

How Long Does Roof Sheeting Last?

It depends on the roofing type. The metal one can last up to 60 years, Meanwhile, other types, such as polycarbonate, fiber cement, and bitumen can last up to 20 years.

What is The Best Thickness for Roofing Sheet?

You can pick the sheets with 0.3-04 mm for general projects. In case you need a thicker one because the area has a winter season, you can choose 0.47mm ones.

Are Roofing Sheets Any Good?

Yes. Sheets roofing become the solution for housing because roofing sheets price is affordable, and it is resistant to many conditions, such as rain, snow, and wind.

Pros and Cons of Roofing Sheet


  • Eco-friendly

Since roofing sheets can last more than 20 years, it becomes an eco-friendly option. You don’t need to waste materials to have a great and strong roof for the building.

  • Strong

The roof is durable and lasts for years. Under extreme weather like rain and snow. A roofing sheet is the strongest option for the cheapest roofing.

  • Colors and sizes

Roofing sheets sizes and colors are various. These reasons become the answer to why many people pick this material.

It can beautify your house for a long time, whether small or big.


  • Pricing

For some styles such as colored metal and colored bitumen, the roofing sheets price is expensive. However, it has a high value since it is durable.

  • Noisy

Some people avoid choosing roofing sheets because it is noisy. When snow and rainfall, noise is inevitable because they fall to the metal surface.

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