Metal Sheet Price Philippines

Metal Sheet Price Philippines – Are you in the market for metal sheets in the Philippines and curious about the cost?

In this article we will delve into the prices of metal sheets and provide you with an overview of their types, size and price in the Philippines.

Types of Metal Sheet

Before getting to metal sheet price Philippines, it is a good idea to know the types of metal sheet.

Some of the most common include


Aluminum is abundant, low-cost, adaptable, lightweight, and strong. It comes as no surprise if it is the most common type of sheet metal. 

Aluminum sheet metal has a wide range of applications, from electrical devices and cooking vessels to car frames and airplanes. If you’re looking for options with affordable metal sheet price, aluminum is a solid option.

2.Stainless Steel

Stainless steel offers not only superior corrosion resistance but also heat and fire resistance, good strength-to-weight ratio, and manufacturability. Some of the most common applications of stainless steel sheet metal are kitchen vessels, food processing machinery, and storage tanks for chemicals.

3.Alloy Steel

An alloy steel is a type of steel that has more than one alloying elements. The properties that an alloy steel has depends on its alloying elements. 

A typical alloy steel offers versatility, enhanced corrosion resistance, superior strength and hardness, increased hardenability, as well as unique alloyed features.

4.Carbon Steel

Carbon steel is steel that has carbon content. The higher the carbon content (the highest is 2.1%), the harder and stronger the steel is. Carbon steel is used for a wide range of products in the consumer and industrial markets.

5.Tool Steel

Tool steel is very versatile, durable, physically hard, has good abrasion resistance and high heat resistance. Tool steel functions well even in extreme temperatures. Tool steel is used for making construction tools such as hammers, blades, dies, and punches, among others.

6.Galvanized Steel

Galvanized steel is a type of steel that comes with a zinc coating. This coating increases the steel’s corrosion resistance.

Galvanized steel sheet metals are used for making water pipes, roofs, fences, staircases, and even automobile bodies.

Metal Sheet Thickness

The thickness of sheet metal affects the metal sheet price Philippines.

The normal thickness of a metal sheet ranges from 0.5 mm to 6 mm. Note that there are metal sheets that are less thick or thicker than the normal range.

 A very thin metal sheet with a thickness of less than 0.5 mm is called a foil, while a very thick metal sheet with a thickness of more than 6 mm is called a plate. 

Metal Sheet Price Philippines

Next, let’s talk about sheet metal price Philippines. The price of metal sheets varies.

There are plenty of factors that determine the price, the main ones are type and thickness.

Here’s a list of metal sheet price Philippines to help you make an estimate.

NoItemSizePrice (in ₱)‎
1Stainless Steel Solid Metal Sheet500 x 300 x 3 mm5,838
2Copper Solid Metal Sheet300 x 300 x 0.35 mm9,650
3Aluminum Solid Metal Sheet200 x 300 x 1.2 mm914
4Stainless Steel Solid Metal Sheet500 x 300 x 0.5 mm2,450
5Stainless Steel Solid Metal Sheet500 x 300 x 1.5 mm6,076
6Galvanized Steel Metal Sheet1,000 x 500 x 1.5 mm2,630
7Aluminum Perforated Metal Sheet500 x 500 x 1.2 mm2,822

Advantages of Metal Sheet

  • Strength and durability

Among the best qualities that sheet metals have are strength and durability.

Due to their materials, sheet metals can withstand heat and pressure. In addition, aluminum and stainless steel sheet metals are also pressure- and corrosion-resistant.

  • Malleability

There’s also malleability. Using the right equipment, sheet metals can be bent into numerous shapes.

While their shapes change, they still retain their structural integrity and strengths.

  • Cost-effective

Sheet metals are a more economical choice. Sheet metals’ strength, durability, and lifespan ensure that they last long.

The initial metal sheet price Philippines might be higher.

But in the long term, you save a lot of money since you won’t need to consistently replace or maintain them