Nylon Rope Price

Nylon Rope Price Philippines – Want to know more about nylon rope? In this post, we explain types of nylon rope, sizes, nylon rope uses, as well as nylon rope price Philippines.

Types of Nylon Rope

Before we get to the nylon rope price Philippines, let’s get to know about the types of nylon rope. 

1.3-Strand Nylon Rope

3-Strand Nylon Rope

This type of nylon rope is an all-around workhorse. It offers excellent service life, practicality, and low nylon rope price.

2.8-Strand Nylon Rope

8-Strand Nylon Rope

For anchor lines, you want something stronger. 8-strand nylon rope fits the bill quite well.

Due to its construction, this rope takes less space but offers much strength.

3.Solid Braid Nylon Rope

Solid Braid Nylon Rope

Solid braid nylon is a general-purpose rope. Not only the nylon rope price Philippines is affordable, but it also has many applications.

Whether it is tying a canoe to the dock, clotheslines, or crafts, solid braid nylon rope is a solid option.

4.Double Braid Nylon Rope

Double Braid Nylon Rope

Double braid nylon comes with not only high strength but also good shock absorption.

It is available in a wide range of sizes, colors, and nylon rope price Philippines.

5.Flat Nylon Webbing

Flat Nylon Webbing 1 image

This type of nylon rope is perfect for custom straps.

6.Kinetic Recovery Rope

Kinetic Recovery Rope 1 image

Kinetic recovery rope is a type of nylon that is used for recovering objects.

Sizes of Nylon Rope

Nylon rope comes in a variety of sizes. Here’s a table of nylon rope sizes

DiameterWeight per 220m (kg)

Nylon Rope Price Philippines

Here are some nylon rope price Philippines to give you an idea about the price of nylon rope.

Nylon rope 3mm200 meters₱260.00
Nylon rope 6mm200 meters₱843.00
Nylon rope 10mm30 meters₱1,101.00
Nylon rope 12mm price50 meters₱600.00
Nylon rope 16mm200 meters₱3,901.00
Nylon rope 20mm200 meters₱7,200.00
Nylon rope 25mm175 meters₱18,000.00

Nylon rope price per meter Philippines varies. Most of the time, nylon rope is sold in longer lengths than 1 meter or even per roll.

Pros of Nylon Rope

  • Nylon rope is very versatile. There are just so many nylon rope uses, from sports and outdoor activities to medical and commercial applications.
  • Nylon rope is not only strong, but it is also able to stretch and return to its original length. Of all common rope fibers, nylon rope is the strongest. Nylon rope is much stronger than organic fibers, polyethylene, or polypropylene. 
  • Nylon rope has good UV resistance. As a result, it doesn’t deteriorate from sunlight. It is also resistant to rot, mildew, as well as chemical exposure.
  • Nylon rope also has high abrasion resistance. As a result, it can last much longer than most standard rope fibers except polyester.
  • Nylon rope has a high stretch factor. The rope offers a level of elasticity that is useful for various applications.
  • Due to their elasticity, nylon ropes with high-temperature resistance are excellent for dynamic load and shock absorption applications.
  • Nylon rope can be braided or twisted.

Cons of Nylon Rope

  • Nylon rope absorbs water. This can be a problem because the rope loses its strength when wet. It can lose as much as 20% of its normal strength. Always keep this in mind when using nylon rope.
  • When exposed to heat for long periods, nylon rope deteriorates and releases harmful chemicals.
  • Nylon rope is very stretchy. As such, they are not the ideal types of rope in certain industries like rigging where the rope is used to give dimensional stability.
  • Nylon rope lacks stability.
  • Some grades of nylon rope can be difficult to bond or process.
  • The polyamide content in nylon rope may cause skin irritation.

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