Water Proofing Cement Paint Price

Water proofing cement paint price depends on the material type and polymer content so water proofing paint for concrete price is different from other building surfaces.

Water proofing cement paint price varies based on the packaging size available in the market.

Buying a high-quality water proofing cement is essential because it will affect its durability in the application.

Water proofing is an effective method that people often use in construction to provide a water-resistant layer.

Applying waterproof paint can improve the durability of various surfaces of the buildings.

The application of water proofing makes sure the buildings are comfortable when the construction is complete.

To help you choose the right water proofing material, you can follow this brief guide below.

What Is Water Proofing Cement Paint?

Waterproofing cement paint is a construction material that gives a surface a water-resistant ability.

Through the waterproofing process, any surface or structure can resist water access in particular conditions and remains unchangeable from water exposure. 

The use of water-resistant paint is famous in warehouses or balconies. The concept of the waterproofing method is applying a protective and elastic layer to reduce the effect of water penetration on a surface.

This process makes a concrete surface which is popularly used in construction to be more durable. 

Constructions need waterproofing cement paints because of more water insulation needs. People might be asking about the ideal waterproofing material for a particular place.

It is another vital consideration before buying aside from the waterproofing cement paint price.

Here are several waterproofing materials that have the most common applications.

  • Cement-Based Material

This material is the easiest waterproofing material to apply in construction. Cement-based material is available everywhere since you can find it in most construction suppliers. You can mix this material easily as well. 

People usually apply a cement-based coating in wet areas of domestic buildings such as a bathroom.

Cement-based waterproofing is available in both semi-flexible and complete types. It is an ideal waterproofing option for building surface that does not get direct sunlight or weather exposure. 

Other structures using cement-based waterproofing include bridges, tunnels, parking lots, metro systems, river canals, and so on.

  • Liquid Material

Liquid waterproofing material seems to be an ideal option for water insulation. Liquid waterproofing creates a thin layer that comprises a primer coat and other two coats with different applications using a roller, trowel, or spray. It provides more flexibility rather than cement-based waterproofing material.

The intense use of liquid waterproofing coat inevitably affects this waterproofing cement paint price in the market.

How good the durability of waterproof coating relies on the type of polymer used in its manufacturing. A liquid coat with modified asphalt polymer is the most suitable for spray application.

Meanwhile, liquid coating with other polymer types such as hybrid and acrylic are available for spray, roller, and trowel applications.

  • Bituminous Coating

Bituminous waterproofing coating comes from bitumen-based materials and is also famous as asphalt coating.

This waterproofing material is more suitable for areas that do not get direct sunlight. It does not last long when receiving a huge amount of exposure to sunlight. 

Its water-resistant ability and flexibility depend on the polymer modification in this coating material.

Adding more flexible polymers like acrylic can improve the durability of the waterproofing finish. The usual applications of liquid coating are below the screed or on a concrete surface.

  • Bitumen Membrane

Bitumen membrane provides self-adhesive protection because it contains several compounds such as polymer, resins, asphalt, and oils.

Although it gives better protection from water, those adhesion properties shrink gradually. The use of this waterproofing material is famous in low-sloped roofs.

  • Polyurethane Liquid

Polyurethane liquid is a waterproofing material that is ideal for any surface directly exposed to weather conditions. Its common application is on flat roofs.

This material has a more expensive waterproofing cement paint price rather than the rest of its counterparts.

Polyurethane liquid material provides high flexibility as a waterproofing coating. It is highly sensitive to the existence of moisture or watery content.

Hence, you should conduct a moisture content evaluation on the concrete surface before the application to prevent it from falling off after a while.

Benefit of Water Proofing Cement Paint

There are numerous benefits of applying waterproof cement coating to the building such as follows:

  • Waterproofing prevents liquid penetration to the building that can break partial or whole breaks.
  • Waterproofing gives functions as moisture control within the construction of the building.
  • The waterproof coating protects the building from natural factors such as floods and rain that can cause a leak on the wall.
  • The waterproof coating enables the buildings to last longer in high humidity locations.
  • Waterproofing paint for concrete provides a higher durability for a concrete surface in unpainted buildings.

Applying a waterproof layer is common during construction. However, this water-resistant technique is also applicable after the whole construction is complete.

Another application time is during the renovation process or if you make some improvements to the building.

Water Proofing Cement Paint Price List

Water Proofing Cement Paint Price List

If you are looking for waterproofing paints for exterior walls Philippines, you can take a look at the following list.

The prices of waterproofing cement paint vary based on the size of the package and the type of protection.




Water-based cement1 gallon (4 Liter)₱680
Cement waterproofing mix for concrete4 Liter₱800
Liquid asphalt waterproofing4 Liter₱1,000
Cement waterproofing compound900 gram₱50

Waterproofing cement paint price is essential to consider but remember to think about other factors as well.

Where you will apply the waterproofing coating and what kind of protection you want to get will help you to select the best waterproofing cement paint.