Wood Paint Price and Type Philippines

Decorating your houses or buildings is more beautiful if you paint them, including wooden parts. However, the paint for wood is different than the paint for walls.

Wood paint price is also higher than ordinary paint since the material is special to stay durable.

When you go to the market, you will find many brands of wood paint available in different colors and grades.

Usually, they will claim they are better with how long they last on the wood and how the finish looks. With better finishing and durability level, the price reaches the highest.

So, before you purchase the paint for your wood paint design, you should know the types of wood paint.

There are some types that will give different looks to your house and furniture. Here is some information that you should know about wood paint. 

What is Wood Paint?

To create a beautiful look for wooden furniture in your home, you can use the best wood paint. Wood paint has different formulas from wall paint.

Usually, the wood paint is for following that uses wooden material to regain their aesthetic and natural beauty. 

The paint also protects the quality of the wood.

Wooden material is easy to damage because of pest attacks. It is very important to paint the wooden material with wood paint color because the surface may crack easily and reduce its durability. 

Wood Paint Color Charts

Wood Paint Color Charts image

Types of Wood Paint

1.Waterproof wood paint

The waterproof wood paint is a paint that will seal and protect wood effectively from water. This paint is worth it for outdoor uses and increases the longevity of the wood. The pain usually fills the barrier on the wood surface. It prevents water from going deep into the wood and damaging it. 

2.Weatherproof wood paint

The weatherproof wood paint is suitable for outdoor use. This wood paint resists weather change and the durability level is very high. The paint has acrylic mix and the wood paint price is expensive. It’s tough to protect wood material at least for ten years. 

3.Wood paint water based

Water-based wood paint is sometimes known as floor wood paint. The texture is watery since it is water-based. It sticks well to the wood even though it is painted once before. The process to paint the furniture on the floor is easier and faster than with other types of paint. 

The waiting time for this wood paint takes several hours, but the finishing is quite good. However, waterproof wood paint is better for indoor use such as indoor door wood paint. It doesn’t stand for harsh weather, but it is easy to clean and wipe off the dirt. 

4.Epoxy wood paint

Epoxy wood paint gives super protection against the weather. This wood paint price is high on the market. Usually, epoxy paint is for outdoor use to cover wooden material. It is the most durable wood paint. The maintenance after the painting is easy and it becomes the advantage of this paint.

5.Oil-based wood paint

If you want a matte or glossy finish for the furniture or flooring, you can choose oil-based wood paint. This paint has many colors such as gold wood paint and white wood paint. The surface comes with a smooth look after the paint dries. It is a good option for the best finish.

The oil-based wood paint is practical to use. The pain will go deeply into the wood. When the paint dries, you can clean the surface just by wiping it. This is the best thing from oil-based wood paint, but you might find the texture is very thick. 

6.Lacquer wood paint

Lacquer brown wood paint is the paint that will give a finish that looks like a glassy and shiny finish. However, this wood paint has minus such dull-looking after years. This paint has another name, gold wood paint because it is the only available color. 

Wood Paint Finish


One of the most popular finishes of wood painting is evaporative finishes. This process is usually for timber to protect the material. The materials to use for this finish are acetone, alcohol, and nitro-cellulose thinners. Those materials will lock one another to create a solid mass.

Those materials will have different roles. The nitro-cellulose and acetone soften the film and lacquer, while alcohol softens shellac. Evaporative finish usually works well for timber. Later, the finish looks like a soft paste because there is wax covering the wood. 


Reactive finishes have two materials involved, naphtha and white spirits as the solvents. The solvents will react chemically. The resins will cross-link and not dissolve the cured film. For example, lacquer finish is one of the reactive finishes and the result might not be consistent for different products.

3.Coalescing Finish

Coalescing finish is the water-based finish and this category is popular because the result is good-looking to the wood. It is a clear finish with simple rubbing. The finish uses alcohol and it will absorb into the wood. It is safe, fast, and can be manipulated.

Wood Paint Price List in Philippines

The wood paint price list in the Philippines depends on the brand you choose. Here are some brands of wood paint that are available on e-commerce.

Wood Paint BrandsPrice
Davies Woodstain Oak₱175
Boysen Enamel Flatwall Wood₱270
Bosny Wood Mahogany₱220
Wood Saver Brown₱520
Davies Metal Aqua Wood₱290
Sphero NGR Wood₱349

Wood paint price might be higher than other types of paints, but it gives the warranty that wooden material in your house furniture and house parts will be durable.

Pests are unlikely to attack the wood and the surface has good protection from wood paint texture elements.

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