Wood Planks Price,Types & Size Philippines

Are you interested in knowing the wood planks price Philippines? Search no further!

Wood planks possess a timeless and natural charm suitable for a range of uses, including flooring and furniture.

The price of wood planks can vary based on factors like wood type, grade, and dimensions.

On average, wood planks are available from approximately ₱80 per square foot.

Within this article, we will delve into the various types of wood planks on the market, discuss their unique characteristics, give information about size and provide you with a comprehensive understanding of their pricing.

Explore the ideal wood planks to infuse your space with warmth and beauty while staying within your budget.

Types Wood Planks

Wood planks are flat and long rectangular pieces of wood with smooth and parallel surfaces.

Most homeowners in the Philippines use them for flooring. However, you can also use them as wall slabs or furniture materials.

Unfortunately, the wood planks price Philippines is rather high.

This high price is worth the quality and advantages you can get from this material, though.

Wood planks are long-lasting and easy to install. Moreover, they come in various types that offer different advantages.

The wood plank types you can get in the Philippines are as follows. 

1.Maple Wood Planks

maple wood planks

Maple wood planks have straight wood grain, light brown color, and good resistance to decay.

You must choose maple wood planks if you want to have luxury looking floor on a budget because maple wood planks Philippines price is slightly more affordable than others.

2.Brazilian Cherry Wood Plank

brazilian cherry wood plank

Another strong wood plank for your construction is Brazilian cherry wood planks.

They have beautiful wood grain that creates beautiful flooring and furniture.

Moreover, they have deeper brown color than maple wood planks

3.Rough Wood Planks

rough wood planks

Rough wood planks have a rustic appearance. They have light wood grain and slightly dark color.

These untreated wood planks are best for fences, furniture, and wall slabs.

4.Yakal Wood Planks

yakal wood planks

Yakal or Philippine mahogany wood planks are hard, durable, and resistant to decay.

These wood planks are ideal for outdoor applications.

However, the yakal wood planks price Philippines may be higher than others due to limited stock.

5.Mahogany Wood Planks Philippines

mahogany wood planks philippines

Mahogany wood planks are an ideal flooring and furniture material. They are strong but lightweight. 

In addition, they are extremely durable, resistant to water, attractive, and easy to work with.

Unfortunately, the mahogany wood planks flooring price Philippines is rather pricey.

6.Oak Wood Planks

oak wood planks

Oak wood planks are naturally light brown.

They also have some great characteristics, such as resistance to wear and tear, durability, and attractiveness.

7.OSB Wood Planks

osb wood planks

OSB or oriented strand board planks are affordable. However, they are only ideal for limited applications due to their lower moisture tolerance.

8.Pine Wood Planks

Pinewood planks are softer than hardwood planks. However, they are attractive and easy to work with.

Pine wood planks are great for shelves and children’s furniture.

The price of wood planks for shelf in the Philippines is more affordable if you choose pine wood.

9.Engineered Wood Planks

engineered wood planks

Engineered wood is pieces of wood and sawdust glued together.

Engineered wood planks are durable, easy to install, and maintain. Moreover, the engineered wood planks price in Philippines is rather affordable.

10.Gardner Wood Planks

gardner wood planks

Gardner wood planks are from fiber cement board.

These planks have an appearance that is similar to wood panels.

They are an excellent alternative to wood planks and ideal for outdoor and indoor installations.

Wood Plank Dimensions

The size of wood planks Philippines varies greatly because manufacturers make them based on the customers’ needs.

Some manufacturers sell wood planks in several choices of dimensions, for example, 20 x 195 mm, 50 x 195 mm, and 45 x 45 mm.

Moreover, the planks also come in several choices of thicknesses. These variations of sizes cause differences in the wood planks Philippines price.

Wood Plank Price List Philippines

How much is the wood planks price Philippines? The price of wood planks can be as low as ₱80 per unit.

Moreover, the wood planks for stairs Philippines price starts from ₱200.

On the other hand, Narra wood planks price Philippines is over ₱350.

Below is the list of wood plank prices in the Philippines.

Wood PlanksSizePrice
Used Palochina (pine wood) Wood Plank3 x 9 x 30 cm₱70
Mahogany wood planks6 x 4 x 1 inches₱89
Stair Wood Plank1 x 12 x 40 inches₱1,600
Mahogany Rough Wood Plank for DIY0.39” x 1.77” x 0.45’₱40
Mahogany Wood Plank for Stairs1” x 8” x 24”₱355
Teak Wood Plank₱3,320/m2

Where to Buy Wood Planks

You can buy wood pallets from an online marketplace, such as Lazada, Carousell, and Shopee.

However, you can also visit the suppliers to buy these planks. 

One of these suppliers is E & M Pacay, which location is in Metro Manila. You can also get wood planks from Solidwood Flooring Philippines in Makati.

The wood planks price Philippines depend on many factors. Some sellers offer a wood plank per unit.

Therefore, its price seems affordable. However, others sell them per square meter. Therefore, the wood plank price seems highly expensive.

Reference : timberactually.com